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Web-DesignIndia (WDI) is the only company which gives guaranteed Web Promotion in India and Delhi. We gain this confidence by working and analyzing many India and Delhi Website Promotion methods from the past 5 years. This knowledge is the only key for successful promotion of a Website in a India or Delhi (local area). Promoting a Website requires several methods like Search Engine Optimization or SEO, Social Media Marketing, Viral Marketing etc. These methods are time consuming but effective for Online business promotion.

How to Choose a Web Promotion Company?

The most important of all is how much experience of Website promotion a company have, for example: all Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc uses a complex and different programs for ranking a page in SERP. No one can understand exactly how search engines will increase your page rank, but one can learn from his experience what works best for spam free Website Promotion or White Hat SEO. So you should give preference to experience of a company in Web Promotion.

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Below is a list of services we provide for Web Promotion:

Search Engine Optimization / SEO

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the method of promoting a Website by increasing its Page Rank in Search Engine results. This includes changing the content, HTML coding, use of appropriate XHTML tags, making sitemap, adding breadcrumbs, tagging, removing unnecessary elements, re-arranging the navigation etc.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is like virtually spreading brand awareness by meeting people through the means of Social Websites like twitter, facebook, google+, youtube etc or by joining them on Blog, Forum. Presence on these Social Media Sites make people aware of your services and an impression of active business.

Search Engine Marketing / SEM

Search Engine Marketing is a method which includes many other techniques to increase Search Engine visibility in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). In addition to SEO technique it uses some other methods also like article submission, directory submission etc.

Online/Internet Marketing?

Online or Internet Marketing is a broad process because wireless marketing and email marketing also comes in this in addition to online marketing. It is done in many steps like Banner ads, SEM, SEO, Email marketing, PPC etc.

Viral Marketing (VM)

Viral Marketing (VM) is a method which uses brand software, emails, games, or other multimedia files to spread a social message or advertisement of a company in the same manner as virus do. This is a very fast method which crosses every barrier that comes and break the competition easily.

PPC Experts India

PPC Campaign is very effective way of promoting a Website Online. Although the whole process looks simple but it involves a well planned strategy like keyword selection, traffic rate, titles text, positioning and color combination of the ad and many more. But an experienced PPC Expert do all this step by step which...

Link referral and link exchanges

Link referrals and link exchange is used to increase PR of a Website which eventually helps in high SERP. This is a long process but we have dedicated experts for this projects who know best ways of adding a backlink of the site. Bad backlinks may sometimes results in loss of Page Ranking but our experienced experts know...

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