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What is the process of making a website?

WDi follows 3 Steps Process to create a website:

Step 1 – Designing: We ask for content (if ready, can provide later also) to plan the structure of your website. We will show you the home page design in an image format for approval. You can ask for redesign by giving a few suggestions.

Step 2 – Development: We start coding in this step. The design you have approved is being transformed into a functional HTML file. We handle everything technical here and regularly update you based on the size of your project.

Step 3 – Going Live: Once we are finished with the development process. We make your website live on the Internet. Congratulations!

To start getting customers in 1 week, you can hire us for Digital Marketing of your new website on many different platforms like Google, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest, and many many more.

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