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Why Do You Need a Website?

By Rakesh Yadav | Date: October 19, 2011 - 9:52 am

Websites were first made for military operations but its scope has changed by now. People are using Website for finding anything they need, entertainment, studying, sharing data, making social contacts and many more. This habit of using internet for day to day tasks attracted businessman or service providers. They are now using Internet or Website for Marketing purpose. This is giving them positive results also, the reason for these are:

  • When someone searches for a product on the Internet it means he is interested in it, while in other marketing methods you have to convince the people.
  • When he searches the internet he come to your Website himself, in real world you have to find the people interested in your service.
  • They can do research on the Internet about your company like reading feedback from other customers on Blogs, Facebook, Twitter etc.
  • They can contact you from your Website itself.
  • If a visitor contacts you then there are nearly 100% chances that he will buy your product because he have already made his mind for the purchase.
  • If you have a e-commerce Website then he can buy the product instantly using any of the paying method available.

In some cases people don’t search on Internet for the service you are providing. For example : If you are a Biscuit company then there are very rare chances that someone search the Internet before buying it. But you can still find that many biscuit companies have their Website.
This is because a Website gives a professional and corporate face to your Company. You can also increase public awareness by using Online Advertisements.

Online Advertisements work like TV, people see your adds while watching their favorite show, but when in near future they go to a shop and decide of buying a product, there are more chances that they will buy yours. Same thing happens when they see an Online Advertisement.

Above are just some reasons of having a Website for your business, there are far more chances where a Website can increase your profit directly or indirectly.

Asking this question is like asking “Do i need an office for my business?”

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Rakesh Yadav

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