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Web Design About Me

By Rakesh Yadav | Date: April 7, 2012 - 9:16 am

By saying “web design about me” you mean websites which shows who you are, what you do, your profession or may be shows your resume on your own domain(like:www.yourname.com) where anyone can contact you and give feedback. You are at the right place!

These days everyone is making their own websites weather its for business purpose, personal interest, blogging, showcase or just for fun. We (Web Design India) make websites about you for JUST $50 (Rs.2500)!
What you will get in this is:

  1. Domain Name for one year *.
  2. Hosting for one year.
  3. One email-id with your website name.
  4. Unique design according to your interest.
  5. 1 HTML Pages (you can show anything to your visitors).
  6. SEO friendly (helps your website to come in Google search results).
  7. Search Engine Submission (we submit your website to top search engines like Google for FREE).

* depending on the TLD you choose there maybe some extra charges for costly domain, but mostly not needed.

What are the benefits of making a website about you?

If you are applying for a job then giving your website address in place of email id put a strong positive impact on the interviewer. It is really a unique and effective way of showing your interest and seriousness for the Job.

You can also have it just for fun or to impress your friends and family. We sometimes get queries about making a website for local football or baseball teams. They use this website to update the players and also to schedule matches with other teams. Everybody have their own ways of using it. You can also apply for any regional club and show them your website with videos or other details, it will put you above from the other appliers in the queue.

Kindly¬†contact us if you are interested in having “A WEB DESIGN ABOUT ME


Rakesh Yadav

Rakesh Yadav is Founder of web-designindia.com having 8 years of website designing and development experience. Currently, he is in love with jQuery and PHP development.

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