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Importance of web design

By Rakesh Yadav | Date: April 6, 2012 - 7:19 am

Websites have became an important element in every company’s promotional campaign and design of the website is one important key which determines the success of it. Some have it to connect with the customers, some other make it to sell their products online, other use it to increase public awareness.

A web design should be made to reflect these purposes and must connect to the visitors to make a long lasting impact and hence success of that campaign.

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What is in this article?

In this article i will tell you some of the basic things about designing of a website to look professional and attractive. How to align text? and where to place images?, what colors should be used?(wait for my next post) etc. Click here to read about Why Do You Need a Website?

Importance of typography in a website?

All of us know about the magic of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on a business and those who have some experience in SEO also know that no matter what else you do technically in your website its always the good content and article writing skills which win in the end. So, you should be aware of some professional typography rules:

1. Alignment: Most of the amateur designers use center alignment for text. Well, I am not saying its a bad practice, actually it has its own use, but using it for paragraphs is not recommended.

The best use of center alignment is in small sized banners and if you have all the text in a web page as left or right aligned then you can use it to highlight something important.

Left and right alignment gives your website a professional look. Why?, because when you use left or right aligned text, it make a sharp edge or line at one side of the paragraph, this sharp line aligns with the web page border or any image placed side by side to the text. While in center alignment both the edges look cluttered and less corporate.

To have a professional look we need everything neat and clean.

Left or right alignment also give some resting space to eyes which is also important.

A web design with center alignment have other important uses also. If you want the banner text to look strong and balanced then center alignment is the key. For example “body builder” text will look strong and balanced in center alignment rather than left or right alignment.

Alignment For Good Web Design

The very important point to remember while using center alignment in paragraphs is that it looks good only when nothing else is placed side by side to the paragraph not even any other paragraph.

To give a feel of compact, packed or more neat and cleanliness you can use justify, it adds more aesthetic to the content, but be careful of the awkward space variation in the words, don’t use it in banners or big texts, paragraphs can have them with a little care. For example: if your client is a movers and packers company then you can use it to reflect the nature of business.

Font Size: Size contrast is the key when playing with font sizes. If you want to highlight something then highlight it!. Make the difference between the sizes big, smaller variations look like a mistake and unattractive. While bigger variations not only make the reader to read big sized text but it also make him to read the smaller one too. Its a psychological thing which really works!

So remember don’t make small variations like Heading (20px), Subheading (18px), paragraph(16px), this is a bad practice. You can also use Bold vs Light text to increase the size contrast.

How to place text with images for good web design?

Most of the time we use image at the left and text to its right. This is a good way but it totally depends on the image don’t make it a habit always think of what you want to convey to your website’s visitors?, what the image is showing?. For example: Your client makes high speed cars or its parts and you have an image which shows a fast running car going to right then if you place it at left side of the web page or banner, it will show that whether its going to stop or hit the text to its right, which have its own meaning but placing an image to the right will show that it is going very fast and everything have left behind. This is the impression you want in this website.

Important Image Text For Websites

Left Text Alignment Imporatnce in Web Design
So, remember don’t make it a rule, well, we are not James Bond or Tom Cruise but some rules are really made to be broken.

Wait for my next article on color selection and more tips on importance of web design.

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