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How to Increase Google Page Rank

By Rakesh Yadav | Date: November 13, 2011 - 7:55 am

Google Page Rank (PR) is one of the very latest method which affects your ranking in Search Engine Results Page (SERP). If your site have higher PR compared to your competitor then Google will place you on top of him, if both of you have done the same amount of SEO. There are some other factors also which affects the SERP but Google’s PR is one of them, so i am not giving you the guide to get the top rank but i will tell you my personal knowledge about increasing the PR in just 4 months, which indirectly affects the Google Rank. So continue reading if you want to know.

Theses steps are after the offline SEO. Means you should first complete your website before jumping to the PR promotion.

First of all make the 301 redirect for your website so that you get all the benefits from your promotion efforts. To know about 301 redirect click here.

Now start from the easy one. Post comments on Blogs related to your website and add links of your site. Some blogs don’t provide URL submission for comments, ignore those. In the comment text try to use your keywords and relate then to the blog post also otherwise owner of the blog may report you as a spam. But simple appreciations will also work if done in small numbers like “Great Post”.
The first thing you ask is that Blogs use noFollow attribute on URLs. Well i know that but having some noFollow links help in the long run. You don’t look like a spammer then.
To know about noFollow and doFollow please click here.

Steps you follow after waiting for 4-5 days:

1. Make around 5-10 noFollow links on High PR website or blogs only (Keep this in mind).
2. Now do some regular directory submission with High PR again. Check for the index page PR in this case, more than 1 PR is acceptable.
3. Bookmark your website on social networking sites like facebook, twitter etc, 5-6 bookmarks are enough. When creating the account you must enter the every detail possible in your profile. Like upload images, your address, phone number and everything.
4. Make a blog if you didn’t already on your own domain don’t use blogger or wordpress if possible. For example if your website is then make a blog in
5. Now the main problem with social profiles is that you cannot regularly maintain these and post on them. The best way to Google this is you use some free websites which provide the facility of feeding you social profiles with the blog posts. Google it and you will find many.
6. The only thing you need now is post some keyword related articles on your blog and they will automatically be updated on your social profiles too. How easy is that.
7. Write around 3 – 4 articles with keyword rich content in it. Search for the hidden keywords with low traffic. This will take less time in promotion.
8. Use link to your site in the starting of the article because social sites will show it in the post and it will work as a backlink.

The work is done now!!! Yippee
This may take you around 1 week in doing all the steps. Take a break now and after 4-5 days repeat this process again. The point here is this if you do continuous updates with too many directory submission and blog posts. Google will feel this and may take you as a regular spammer. So be patient!!!

This will take around 4 months to see the effect because Google updates its PRs 3 or 4 times a year. But the result will be unexpected, i GUARANTEE because mine’s were too. My PR jumped from 0 to 3 on previous Google PR update and my website is only 3 months old. So don’t wait to start you will be amazed to see the results.


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