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How To Get My Website on Google

By Rakesh Yadav | Date: November 2, 2011 - 2:04 pm

Getting a Website on Google is not an easy task, if you are a Website owner and want to promote your Website then my advise is that you hire a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) expert and let him do this task.

If you still want to know about how to promote your Website on Google then read ahead.

Offline Promotion

First thing first, finish all the offline work on your website. Offline means anything that can be done without making your website live. Offline website optimization is a very big factor which will help you in the long run. A well optimized website have more life on top Search Engine Result Page (SERP). Your competitor cannot get ahead of you easily if your site is highly Search Engine friendly.

Steps for getting a Website on Google:

  • Use Keywords in the page names wherever possible. But the content must contain those keywords used in the link or page name.
  • Check that there is no broken link. Google hates broken content or link.
  • Use your keywords in your content, but overdoing this may result in Google spamming. So use the good density of keywords vs text.
  • Add alt and title tags to every image greater then 30×30 pixel. Use as much keywords as you can in these images. If possible use keywords in image names.
  • A good content writing is always a problem for every SEO expert, the key here is to use as much variations as you can for the keyword. Like if the keyword is: “Get” then use all of its variations getting, gotten(grammatically wrong but still it exists), got, gets, using synonyms also helps.
  • Add title tags to anchor text with keywords in it.
  • Use less coding and div in HTML
  • Use one h1 tag on every page with a short description about the content.
  • Add meta tags for keywords and description on every page and don’t repeat the same meta content everywhere. Focus on the related keywords on one page at a time.
  • Less java script websites are also more Search Engine friendly

Now if have followed all these steps then its a time for moving to the Online Promotion.

Online Promotion

Online promotion means optimizing your website on the internet. Online promotion needs you to increase public relations and social awareness. So that Search Engine sees you as a popular website. Having a facebook page, and posting on the blogs, commenting authoring articles on sites helps in making a reputation in the online world.

Steps for Online Promotion for better Google:

  • Increase your back-links by submitting your website on Online directories. Backlinks are the links which connects to your website. There are two types of backlinks available: NoFollow and DoFollow. Please read about our article “DoFollow and NoFollow Backlinks” for more information.
  • Make accounts on every Social Networking website and ad your website there by profile editing and posting scraps or messages.
  • Join related forums and blogs and comment on them with your website link. But some websites don’t provide link facility, leave them if they don’t.
  • Write articles on article submission websites ( and link to your website with keyword rich anchor text.
  • Enroll yourself in paid advertisement like adwords if you can spend some money.
  • You can also purchase paid backlinks if you want to make the task easy. But always remember the links should be on the related websites with keyword friendly anchor text. If your website is gift related then ad links to the page with gift related content on it.
  • Search Engine submission is not required these days because most of the major search engines automatically crawl your website.

Follow these steps can get your website on Google for most of the important keywords. But if your keywords have too much competition then you must go in detail for getting the top rank on Google.

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