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Google map embed code showing undraggable map and image

By Rakesh Yadav | Date: July 2, 2014 - 3:53 pm

Hi, i am a website designer and i use Google Maps in my workflow too much, mostly on all websites. Recently i faced a problem with embed code, when added its not panning or dragging. It looks like an image but if i click on any button it works on the panning is not working, everything else is fine.

Google map not dragging and panning
Google map not dragging

Possible Solution

First i though it could be because of some addons installed on firefox browser, so i tried it on chrome and it’s not working there as well. If i click on the map it takes me to the Google map page and there it is working fine. My second thought was that some jQuery or javascript is causing the problem, so i created a new HTML page and just added the embed code and it still didn’t work.

I am still facing the problem if anyone find a solution then please let me know, post it in the comments. I think Google map has stopped this feature or there is some temporary bug, which may get resolved in near future automatically. Also i searched on Google for this and found that i am the only person facing it.


Rakesh Yadav

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