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All Files on Mediafire errors Invalid or Deleted File or File Belongs to Suspended Account

By Rakesh Yadav | Date: July 16, 2012 - 3:07 pm

Today i noticed that one of the biggest free sharing website is have also removed most of the files and giving “Invalid or Deleted File” OR “File Belongs to Suspended Account” errors. This might be in the effect of DMCA because recently many website have either deleted all files or being banned.

Mediafire was doing best in the meantime but now it is also removing files and deleting any copyright material. I don’t know if its good or bad but most of the internet users are frustrated by this.

Is there any solution for Mediafire or Some else website?

I don’t think there would be any solution of downloading a file already deleted. But what i think is you should search for mirrors of that link because new sharing websites are launching which are not in anybodies notice yet. These website are uploading the same files deleted by the legendary sharing websites like You can search for “mirrors” and the link you want to search for on Google, or copy paste the deleted link in google search and it will show you the websites having that link. If you are lucky then you may find some working mirror links there.

What will happen of these Suspended or deleted accounts?

Well, DMCA is working hard on these things and it is good if we talk legally. But not all of us like this and this is not possible in my opinion to remove each and every files from these sharing websites because when the number of these website decreases the demand increases which means Huge profit for any website sharing anything that people wants to download. Lots of people will go to that website and this will attract the owners to find any solution for this, they will stop and start new websites instantly whenever some one found them.

One more thing, if the DMCA successfully banned all the copyrighted material from mediafire or any website. Then this means people will be forced to buy the real product which ultimately gives big profit and more and more competitors will start making those products, this will reduce the cost and makes everyone happy!

So you may not find the solution for “Invalid or Deleted File” OR “File Belongs to Suspended Account” errors on but you can wait for the time when the original price of the software will come in your budget.


Rakesh Yadav

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