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Affordable Website

Low Cost Website for Startups!
for lifetime *
No hidden fees Whatsoever!

*Offer will end on

December 3, 2022 in
Offer Expired 🙁 If still want it? Call: +91 8285 280 480

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Benefits of Low Cost Website with WDi

Lowest Price - Highest Quality

Most startups or small businesses require a low cost website. Static website takes less development time thus can be delivered at pocket-friendly price without compromising on quality.

Start Getting Customers in 1 Week

We run targeted PPC campaigns of your websites on Google Ads or Facebook Pixel. These ads rank higher from day 1 and bring real customers within 1 week at very affordable price.

Super Fast Speed - Loads in 3 sec Guaranteed

Google loves fast loading websites because it enhances user experience (UX). Do you know that delay of 2 second in website loading time means loosing 10.2% visitor.

Search Engine Submission

We will submit your website on Google and other search engines for faster listing in search results. It keeps you ahead of others.

Free Submission to 2363 Sites

Spreads your website around the internet faster. We list your business on 2363 business directories which helps in SEO.

Spam Proof & SSL Secured​

Protect your website using HTTPs protocol and remove all frustrating spam emails from website contact forms using Google Recaptcha

WDi® Uses Trusted Technologies
We Bring Real Customer to Your Website

Success at Lowest Cost

We never compromise on the quality, the only reason of lower cost is,  static websites are less complex and takes less time to develop. That’s it!

In India, most startups or offline businesses need their first taste of success in the digital world. We have made this affordable website package for businesses who do not want to invest big amount. They want to try if websites can help them grow. These static websites can be easily promoted using Google Ads or Facebook Pixel. We will bring you the first online customer in 1 week.

India has huge number of internet users after 4G revolution. It is the right time for small businesses to advertise online before it gets too competitive. A static website is your first step towards your competitors’ trail.

WDi promotes a website to a well-targeted audience & brings you the first customer in lowest ROI.

Affordable Website FAQs

WDi® follows 3 Steps Process for creating a website. Payment terms also follow this 3 steps process. We ask for payment only after reaching a specific milestone.

  • 25% 1st installment after project commencement: After discussing and agreeing on the detailed project proposal, we need 25% advance to start designing. We send an image format design for approval.
  • 25% 2nd installment after design approval: Once you are happy with the image format design and give the approval to go ahead, we ask for another 25% payment to proceed with the development.
  • 50% 3rd installment after project completion: We finish the complete website with content updates and everything else, then ask for the final 50% payment before making it live on your domain.

We usually need:

  • the logo
  • and the content (mainly text material, images can be provided later)

Content helps in making the proper structure of web pages for easy site navigation and a higher conversion rate.

If you do not have content ready, we can use dummy text to start, and later you can provide the final content.

Or, hire our Expert Content Writers to create something catchy for readers which ranks higher on Google Search Results. Our content writing packages start from Rs. 1,000 for 2,000 words of content.

If you do not have a logo, you can hire us to make one. Our logo design price is Rs. 1,490 only.

In case you have any suggestions regarding your website design, like colors to be used, fonts, or images, then we need all those suggestions in the starting. Otherwise, our creative designers will choose the best elements based on your business.

Yes, you can ask for changes during our 3 Steps Process of website development.

  • Design Changes in Step 1: We send you an image format design of the homepage in step 1 of the process. You can ask for changes or a complete redesign, if required. We need your feedback on what you liked and didn't like in the 1st version.
  • Development Changes in Steps 2 & 3: We create a working website link based on the approved design and the proposal. You can ask for changes in elements like other pages layout, forms, hover animations, images, text, and any other functional part.
  • Content Changes: We ask for content of the website in the starting of a project. In case, it is not ready then you can send it during step 1 & 2. We assume that the content you send is fully checked and finalised. Small changes can be made in content but major changes or full replacement is not possible.

WDi follows 3 Steps Process to create a website:

Step 1 - Designing: We ask for content (if ready, otherwise can provide later) to plan the structure of your web pages. We will show you the home page design in an image format for approval. You can ask for redesign by giving a few suggestions.

Step 2 - Development: We start coding in this step. The design you have approved is being transformed into a functional HTML file. We handle everything technical here and regularly update you based on the size of your project.

Step 3 - Going Live: Once we are finished with the development and added all content in the website. We make your website live on the Internet. Congratulations!

To start getting customers in 1 week, you can hire us for Digital Marketing of your new website on many different platforms like Google, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and many many more.

Static Website: These are simple websites that cannot be edited or expanded easily in the future. It means that if you want to modify any text or images of your website, then you need to hire a web developer. It will increase the maintenance costs over the long run.

This is the right choice if your site doesn't require any changes or updates.

Dynamic Websites: Whereas in dynamic websites, any computer-savvy person - like you, can edit the content of a website, including text, images, and contact information (we provide simple video guides for easy understanding).

The web developer creates an easy Admin Panel to facilitate this process. There is no need to pay someone to modify your content anytime in the future. It will reduce maintenance cost and saves you money in the long run.

If your site requires regular updates, then go for dynamic websites.

We are among the longest-running and most professional web design and marketing company in India. Verify on Google BusinessWhois, and Web Archive

Since our inception in 2011, we have been working in web development for 11 years. We have seen many technological advancements and are aware of the advantages of every web-based component. Yes, we do!

Still don't believe us, check our client's testimonials and reviews on Google MapTrustpilot, and Good Firm.

Cost depends on the complexity of a website. A simple informative website having pages like about us, services, contact, etc. cost much less than an advanced website. The advanced websites allow users to pay online or create an account by login or registering on the site.

For an informative website, the cost depends on the number of pages. However, for more high-end websites, it will depend on the features you'd like to have. For Ex: Wish-list features, Product Comparison, Mobile OTP registration, and many more.

Simple Static Websitestarts @ Rs.3,900* for 5 pages
Dynamic Websitestarts @ Rs.7,900* for 5 pages
E-commerce & Advanced WebsitesRs.14,900 - Rs.40,000* or more

Any advanced portal like a matrimonial websitetravel booking websitefood delivery app, or similar will cost the same or higher than E-commerce.

* Any add-on like domain, hosting, logo design, and content writing is not included in the cost.

Check WDi's Complete Website Price List Here >

Most web design agencies will charge a hearty amount for yearly maintenance. However, with WDi, it is entirely optional and transparent.

An informative website with simple pages like about us, services, or similar pages does not need regular maintenance. WDi creates future-proof websites that run smoothly over time unless some major technical update happens on the server, which is very rare.

You can contact us anytime for free support if your website is down or facing issues.

Yearly maintenance is required for advanced websites like e-commerce, matrimonial portal, food delivery apps, etc. Maintenance cost for these kinds of websites varies greatly and cannot be pre-defined. It starts from Rs.2,000 yearly for a basic e-commerce website to give you an idea.

During the project discussion and agreement, we will inform you of the exact maintenance cost of advanced websites.

Absolutely Yes! We love to see our clients earning profit because that means we are earning too.

The true potential of a website is in the digital world, and if you do not do digital marketing of your website, then you are missing a massive opportunity of growth. No one know your website unless you market it properly under your specific budget.

We can bring customers to your website within 1 week. Yes! Isn't that amazing?

We do that by promoting your business on multiple platforms like Google Search, Amazon, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, and many many more.

Know more about our Digital Marketing Services >

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